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Implementing Company Culture Increases Productivity. But How Can You Build A Great Team Culture Digitally?

Meet Asa!

Asa is an assistant to help improve your relationship with your team either in the office or remotely.

Clock in/out
Improve team punctuality
Track mental well-being
Connect to Slack, Microsoft Team & Telegram

Clock In/Out

Clock In and Out Easily From Your Favourite Platforms.

Integrate to workspace chat

Installation of external apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Telegram occurs as part of the sign up process

Clock in/out functionality is available on Slack, Microsoft Teams & Telegram.

Improve Team Punctuality

Employees late for work? Asa handles it for you.
No more awkward conversation with your employees.

You have not clock-in to work today. Are you running late?
Asa Assistant
@asa Yes
John Appleseed
Okay, please let me know your ETA to start work.
Asa Assistant

Take Care Of Your Team's Mental Health

Let Asa Help You Keep Up Team Morale and Wellness.

How are you feeling this week?
Asa Assistant
I'm feeling burnt out 🔥.
John Appleseed
You need to take a break! How about taking a mental vacation by starting a digital journal. Recommend Journey.
Asa Assistant

Take Advantage of Asa Anywhere

Do More With Asa. You Decide How.

Don't Do It Alone. Let's build A Great Team Together.
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